At the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Dr. Davis was the  founding director of the Arts in Education Program and first to hold the university’s new chair in arts in education. Her research at Harvard’s Project Zero focused on arts learning and development beyond school walls, notably in community art centers that focus on education in economically disadvantaged communities (Project Co-Arts) and art museums (MUSE: Museums Uniting with Schools in Education).

Books by Jessica Hoffmann Davis

  • Discourse and Disjuncture Between the Arts and Higher Education, Ed.  (2016)
  • Why Our High Schools Need the Arts (2012)
  • Ordinary Gifted Children: The Power and Promise of Individual Attention (2010)
  • Why Our Schools Need the Arts (2008)
  • Framing Education as Art: The Octopus Has a Good Day (2005)
  • The Muse Book (2004)
  • The Art and Science of Portraiture  with Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot (1998)

Plays by Jessica Hoffmann Davis

Jessica has most recently been writing and directing plays, 
staged in rural New Hampshire,

  • wRites of Reunion (with Monique Robichard) (2012)
  • Houseguests (2013)
  • The Salon (2015)
  • Dearly Beloved (2018)

Articles and Monographs by Jessica Hoffmann Davis

Davis has written numerous journal articles and monographs, many of which are listed on this site and are available through other internet venues.