Framing Education as Art

Framing Education as Art: The Octopus Has a Good Day

Framing Education as Art: The Octopus Has a Good DaysThis book champions the arts as essential to the K–12 educative process. Exploring apparently oppositional approaches to the arts and their role in education, it provides both an overview of arts learning in and out of school as well as a set of “artful” lenses through which to regard non-arts teaching and learning. With strong implications for practice, the work celebrates inquiry and multiple perspectives as it explores a range of reflections on art, artistry, artists, art education, and the methods and results of arts-related educational research.



Curriculum theory in arts education raises significant questions regarding our expectations of excellence in general education. Using an arts-based research methodology of portraiture, Davis identifies four tensions within arts education that generate new approaches to curricula.  Read More

– Richard Siegesmund, University of Georgia

Reading the title of Jessica Hoffmann Davis’s new book, Framing Education as Art: The Octopus Has a Good Day, you might think this is a “lighter” book about arts in education. Don’t be deceived by the title! Looking inside you will find rich text about the artistic process, arts education in various settings, and a powerful take on the ongoing conversation about the power of the arts and arts in education in children’s lives.  Read More

– Jill Randall